Thank you flower!
Thank you flower, Taoyuan landscape art festival, Taoyuan, 2013
Welcome, welcome!
Cleaning flower 청소하는 꽃 淸潔花
살리고 살리고 Revive
Thank you flower!
세기의 선물 The present of century
생생활활 - Life, life!
Contemporary art and its uses
뼈-아메리칸스탠다드 / Bone-Amerian standard
성형의 봄 - Plastic Spring
made in Korea
色卽是空 - Emptiness is Form, Form is Emptiness
살림 - Housekeeping
Up to you
산더미 같은 짐 & 살림 - Mountain of load
청소하는 꽃 - Cleaning flowers
Alchemy & Cosmos with KABBALA
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